We are the mobile market innovator in digital family controls that empower parents to ensure a safe mobile experience for their children.

Through our easy-to-use online portal and sophisticated real-time interactive tools for mobile devices, parents are able to teach their children responsible use, and protect them from irresponsible use of their mobile phones.

FeelSecureʼs products are available on the Android and iPhone platforms. And, our philosophy is simple: build products that enhances lives and safeguard families,and treat our customers golden rule approach: the way we would like to be treated.

OutStanding Customer Services

Astonishing, really. Weʼre committed to providing you with the best service we can. Because like you, weʼve felt the frustration of never being heard. Rejected when we gave our contact information, email addresses, inquiries, time and energy to services only to never even get a response.

Weʼve felt that unrequited love when we called and called but nobody would answer, or have to sit patiently for hours on end - on hold.Nothing makes us happier than hearing from you and winning the respect of moms and dads around the world.

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