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Parental Control & Protection For Your Child’s Mobile

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 We’ve installed FeelSecure on ALL our phones because our son has Austism. In an emergency everyone can respond. Being prepared gives us peace of mind. 

Parental Controls


Protect your child from both online dangers and physical attacks or threating situations
Supervise exactly how your child is using their mobile device while also giving them a personal alarm

  • Read Instant Messages (Facebook, Skype, Whatsapp..)
  • View your childs videos, pictures, Internet activity..
  • See their contacts, call history, SMS and GPS locations
  • Create Alerts for keywords or prohibited locations
  • Includes Panic Picture Button
  • Over 150 features to monitor and protect your child
$19.99per month
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Personal Protection

Panic Picture Button

Turn your childs mobile phone into an internet connected personal alarm
Nothing deters an attacker more than knowing they are being caught on camera and help is on the way

  • One Touch Activation
  • Emits alarm and starts taking pictures
  • Sends GPS location to guardians via SMS
  • Pictures and GPS locations also sent to secure Web Account for evidence
  • Includes Remote Lock/Wipe and GPS Locate
$4.99per month
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